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Setting up Telegram Notifications

Gunbot has the option to inform you about buy and sells on-the-go through a personal bot on Telegram.

Gunbot connects to this bot to push notifications to you.

Head over to the Telegram Settings

Click on your profile icon.

Then expand the Telegram section

First, enable the Telegram bot by toggling the switch to true

Then you need to gather the required data for the empty fields

Configure the Telegram Bot


Can be any Nickname you wish to give to your Gunbot Telegram Bot

Bot Token

This is the API Token Gunbot requires to connect to your Telegram Bot. In order to receive one, you'll have to create a bot first on Telegram by initiating a chat with @botfather

Press Start at the bottom

Then click on /newbot

The Botfather bot will prompt you then asking you to give your bot a name. This can be any name you want.

After pressing enter, Botfather will prompt you to give it a username. Enter any name you want without spaces and either ending by _bot or Bot

Then finally your bot is created and the Botfather will show you the API Token.

Copy this Token and paste it into the Bot Token (2) field in Gunbot.

Then click on the "You will find it at" to open the chat with your bot and press on the start button at the bottom once to initiate the bot. At this point it is normal that there is no reaction from it yet.

Chat ID

The ChatID is the unique chat identifier to your bot.

This can be either yourself, a group, or a channel. To find your own ChatID, initiate a chat with @myidbot

Initiate the chat with myidbot and then enter the command /getid

The bot will then reply to you with your unique chat ID.

Copy this ID and paste it into the Chat ID (3) field in Gunbot.

Using the Telegram Bot in a Group, instead of direct

In this case, add @myidbot to your Group or Channel and get the ID of the Group or the channel with /getgroupid

Admin ID

This is the Unique ID of the only person able to interact with your Telegram Bot. Generally this is only yourself.

Enter the same ID as in Chat ID (3) into Admin ID (4)


In case you're using the Chat ID from a group or channel, enter your personal ID from myidbot, not the Group Chat ID

Starting the Telegram Bot

Once everything has been entered, press apply and then save settings.

You should see your Bot loading once Gunbot starts in the console.

You can then initiate a chat with your bot by sending the command /start which'll open a clickable menu.

And receive buy and sell messages!