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Enabling 2FA

The Gunbot GUI uses a password based authentication method. In case you wish to have more security, you can optionally set up two factor authentication.

Once you've enabled 2FA, you will get asked to enter a one-time-password (generated with an authenticator app, like Authy or similar) next to your password the next time you login to the Gunbot interface.

Activating 2FA

Go to http://localhost:5000/setup and expand the 2FA tab.

Then click on the Enable 2FA switch to enable it. Below it a button will appear Show QR Code.

Scan this QR Code with your Authenticator App to save it. The 6 numbers which this app shows will be the ones you'll have to use to login to Gunbot the next time.


If you lose access to your 2FA code, or device, this authentication can be disabled in config.js.

Change the falue for twoFA from true to false and restart Gunbot