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Connecting to an exchange

Before you can start trading with Gunbot, you'll have to connect Gunbot to the exchange first.


Please ensure first that the exchange you're trying to set up is linked to your license already. You'll have to edit your license first, link the new exchange (or edit an existing one) and then you can add the exchange here.

Settings in detail

API KeyThe API key registered to your license to be used with Gunbot for a specific exchange
API secretAPI secret corresponding to the above API Key
Processing DelayTime in seconds between the cycles of processing through your configured pairs.

10 is generally a safe value, but you can try lower delays. This setting hugely depends on the exchange in use.
Rate LimitFurther tweaking of the cycling time.
Trading feesTrading fee expressed as a %. Us the appropriate value for the exchange you're setting up.
Passphrase (needed for select exchanges)Some exchanges require a passphrase for each API key, it may be called slightly different on the exchange itself.
Client ID (needed for select exchanges)Some exchanges require a client ID in addition to API key and secret, it may be called slightly different on the exchange itself.
Market (needed for select exchanges)Some exchanges require specifying the market the bot will be used on: spot, swap or, delivery or futures.
For power users

It is possible to use a master/slave API key, this allows you to use a different api key for trading than the registered (master) key. You can enter the master/slave keys in config.js directly, or using the code editor in Gunbot. The master API key always has to correspond to the one you have linked/tied to your license and the slave key has to be from the same exchange account as to where the masterkey originates from.