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Setup Introduction

Gunbot Setup Guide

This guide will walk you through the steps to set up your Gunbot. It's divided into four sections: Introduction, Essentials, Knowledge, and Activation.

The guide has a consistent structure and each step may include a video instruction, text explanation, or both.

Code Blocks

Some steps may include code blocks that you'll need to run on your operating system. For example:


Notification Boxes

There will be some notification boxes throughout the guide that contain important information, such as:


This is a notification box

This generally contains useful and important information.

If you have any trouble with any step in the guide, you can reach out for help by sending a message through contact us.

Complete this section


There is a button on mandatory pages to install Gunbot

You'll find these buttons at the bottom of the relevant pages, and they look like this:

If you're just reviewing the guide, you can ignore these buttons, as they're only needed during the initial license activation.