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Installing Gunbot on MacOS

Here's a step-by-step guide to installing Gunbot on your MacOS computer.

Getting the MacOS build from the official repository

Visit the official repository at and download the file.

Unzip the zip file

Find the downloaded zip file in your Downloads folder and extract it to your preferred location by double-clicking on it.

You should now have a new folder.

Double click on the folder to see it's contents. Leave this folder open.

Commands in Terminal

Open the Terminal on your MacOS.


Open Terminal on your MacOS. You can find it in Finder > Applications > Utilities > Terminal or
by searching for "Terminal" in Spotlight search (press command + spacebar to open the search).

You'll have to execute a couple commands now to allow Gunbot to run on your Apple device.

Moving into your Gunbot directory

Change the current directory to your Gunbot folder in Terminal. Copy and paste cd (with a space) into Terminal.


Make sure there's a space after the 'cd' (do not press enter yet)

Then drag and drop the Gunbot folder into Terminal to autocomplete the path.

Press enter.

Granting the permissions to run

Grant the permissions to run Gunbot by executing the following command.

chmod +x gunthy-macos

Press enter.

Whitelisting the gunthy-macos folder

MacOS Security Settings require you to whitelist the Gunbot folder in your Apple Security Settings. This can be done with the following command (replace /path/To/Your/Gunbotfolder with the actual path as you did previously with the cd command):

xattr -r -d /path/To/Your/Gunbotfolder

The above command may return errors in your Terminal which are safe to ignore, assuming they happened with the correct /path/To/Your/Gunbotfolder.

Start Gunbot!

Now just copy paste this command into your Terminal to start Gunbot and press enter:


Leave Terminal open and open your favorite web browser, then enter http://localhost:5000 to connect to your Gunbot instance on your Mac.

It may be possible that the above command returned an error, as newer Apple MacOS builds use port 5000 for one of their services already. In this case you'll have to make one minor change to your configuration, which you can find below.


Navigate into your Gunbot folder and look for a file called config.js

Right click on it and open it with any Text Editor you have installed. In this case we're going to use the default installed editor, TextEdit.

Once opened, press command + F to open the search bar and enter the following:

"port": 5000,

Click on the yellow highlighted search result and change it to:

"port": 5001,

Then save the file with command + S

Then simply start Gunbot again and the GUI should now be reachable on http://localhost:5001

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