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Installing Gunbot on ArmV7l (Raspberry Pi)


Currently, Gunbot v25 does not work on Raspberry Pi's due to Raspberry Pi specific library and performance limitations. The only working version on Raspberry Pi's right now is Gunbot v24.

Here are the steps to install Gunbot on a Raspberry Pi 4:

Getting the ARM build from the official repository

Download the latest ARM build from the following link:

Download the file.

Unzip the zip file to a new folder

After downloading, unzip the file. Move the contents of the zip to any desired folder. In this example, the Gunbot files have been placed in the folder /home/pi/Desktop/Gunbot.

Grant the gunthy-arm executable permissions to run

Open the terminal on your Raspberry Pi or connect to it through SSH. Navigate to the folder where Gunbot is located using the following command:

cd /home/pi/Desktop/Gunbot

Grant the permissions to run to gunthy-arm using the following command:

chmod +x gunthy-arm

Start Gunbot!

Start Gunbot using the following command:


You should now see the Gunbot instance running on your Raspberry Pi terminal.

Leave the terminal open and to connect to the Gunbot instance, open a browser on your Raspberry Pi and enter http://localhost:5000. You can also connect from any other computer in the same network by entering "http://your-Raspberry-Pi-IP-Address-given-by-your-router:5000".

In case you encounter an error when starting Gunbot, you need to install missing dependencies by executing the following commands.


Execute the following commands to install missing dependencies:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install crossbuild-essential-armhf
sudo apt-get install libatomic1 
sudo apt-get install libatomic1-armhf

Now try again to start Gunbot with this command:


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