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Create a Gunthy Wallet

Gunbot utilizes a license validation system based on blockchain technology and its own ERC-20 utility token called "GUNTHY". By using this system, you can manage your registered API keys, change them at any time, or even sell your license to a third party.

Your Gunbot license is determined by your wallet address, the API keys linked to it and the number of GUNTHY tokens you hold.

The below selections will show you a variety of how to create an ERC-20 wallet address, which you will need to activate your Gunbot license.

Do not use an exchange wallet.

Gunbot won't run when you have your tokens stored on an exchange.
You cannot use an ETH Wallet deposit address from an exchange, nor the GUNTHY Wallet Address from an exchange where the Gunthy token is listed on.

This is because these deposit addresses on exchanges do not actually hold your balances, but the balances virtually assigned to your exchange account and not visible on the public blockchain. Your balances are in reality moved by exchanges to cold wallet storages internally for security reasons.

Wallet Providers

There are many more ETH Wallet providers out there. The only prerequisitions to use an ETH Wallet with Gunbot are that it is not from an Exchange (like the ETH Deposit Address on Binance for example) and it supports ERC-20 Tokens.

Below you'll find a selection of compatible wallets commonly used.

Click the above link to visit the official Metamask Website.

Then click on "Download for"

Then on "Add to" (this may slightly differ depending on the browser you're using)

Then just add the extension to your browser.

The Metamask extension will open in a new Browser tab.

Click on "Create a new Wallet"

Now create a password for your wallet. This is required each time you're accessing/opening your wallet in your browser.

Now click on "Secure my Wallet"

Click on "Reveal Secret Recovery Phrase".

Enter the missing words on this prompt.

That's it! Remember to never lose your 12 Secret Words.

Now click on the copy icon on top of your metamask to copy the ETH Wallet address, which we're going to use later on as Gunthy Wallet address.

Click the above link to visit the official MyEtherWallet Website.

MEW offers 4 possibilities for creating an ETH Wallet. We're going to use the 1st option 'Enkrypt Browser Extension' here. Once you click on 'Install Enkrypt Browser Extension', you'll get redirected to to download the extension.

Click on Download now.

Then click on "Add to Brave" (or add to chrome, or firefox, depending on the Browser you're using)

Allow the extension to get installed

Then in the extension, select Create a new Wallet and create a password to access your wallet.

Then simply press 'next' and you'll get prompted to double check that you really noted down the secret phrase properly.

Once confirmed, you can access your wallet with the password you've set previously.

Access your wallet and copy the ETH Wallet address. This is the "Gunthy Wallet Address" you're going to use for the activation of your license later on.

Click the above link to visit the official Mycrypto Website.

Click on "I don't have an Ethereum Address"

Then download and install the app for your OS.

MacOS based systems may require an additional step here at this point in case this message appears:

Simply head over to your Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Open Anyways, to open the app. This message appears because the app is not digitally signed and verified by Apple.

Open the App and press through the "Next" buttons. Read through the screens for your own safety.

Next press on "Create New Wallet"

Then click on "Generate a wallet"

Now click on "Generate a Mnemonic Phrase"

Write down the 12 Words in the order they appear.

In the Next step, sort the 12 words as they've appeared on the previous page.

Then Click on "Go to Account"

Now to unlock your wallet, click on enter Mnemonic Phrase and enter the 12 words in the first field. You can leave the password field empty. Then press on Choose Address.

Select one of the addresses from the list that appears and press unlock.

Once you're in your Wallet, the address to copy can be found on the top right. This is the address we're going to use later on as Gunthy Wallet address.

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