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Starting Gunbot

After activating your license and receiving the confirmation of Gunthy Token airdrop, your license is fully activated and ready to use.

You can now start Gunbot as described during the Windows, Linux, MacOS and ARMv7l steps and proceed through the setup.

After setting up your password to access the GUI, the first page you'll be on will be localhost:5000/setup

Initial Setup


Click on the 'License type' box and select Standard and above if you have a Standard or Pro license, or Ultimate if you have Gunbot Ultimate.

Then enter your Gunthy Wallet address on the field on the right.

If everything has been entered correctly at this point, more options will appear and you can proceed to the next step - Exchange settings.

Errors you may encounter at this step

Any of the errors at this step is related to your entered Gunthy Wallet address. This is the meaning of each of the errors:

  • Gunthy wallet wrong: Ensure that you're using the correct Wallet address (starts with 0x....)
  • Invalid Gunthy wallet: This is related to your license not being fully activated yet. Please wait for the confirmation email of the Airdrop.
  • Make sure to complete Wallet registration: This is related to your license not being fully activated yet. Please wait for the confirmation email of the Airdrop.
  • Make sure to wait for token delivery: This is related to your license not being fully activated yet. Please wait for the confirmation email of the Airdrop.

Exchange settings

Select your exchange from the dropdown Exchange' and the field API Key will become pre-filled with the registered Public API Key you've submitted during the activation. This has to correspond to the key you have on your exchange.

Right next to the API Key [registered] field, you'll find the API Secret field. Enter your API Key Secret in this field to proceed.

Note: Sometimes exchanges have let you set a passphrase, in this case there will be an additional field in this section to enter the Passphrase.

Additional settings in this section:

Processing delay: this limits how quickly Gunbot processes configured pairs. Leave it on default for the beginning, then you can later still change it to a faster or slower value. Do not go too fast or you may encounter temporary throttling/bans from exchanges as they rate limit the API usage.

Rate limit: Leave on default. This setting provides further tweaking in milliseconds of the timing Gunbot requests data from the exchange.

Trading Fees: The trading fees on the exchange you wish to trade on. If the exchange provides different fee values for maker/taker, set it to the higher value of the two.

Use testnet: To use Gunbot on an exchange's testnet. Not supported on all exchanges.

Errors you may encounter at this step

  • API credentials wrong: cannot connect: This is related to either your API Key, your API Secret (and/or Passphrase), or both being wrong. Please verify that everything is correctly entered.
  • Time is out of sync: Your system clock is out of sync. You'll have to sync your time by following this step-by-step


  • Cancel open orders: Let Gunbot cancel open limit orders
  • Cancel after x rounds: Gunbot should not cancel the orders until after X rounds
  • Cancel order rounds: The amount of rounds Gunbot should ignore open orders
  • Watch mode: Puts Gunbot in a simulation mode, connecting to an exchange, cycling pairs, but never placing trades
  • Multiple base: If you want to use more than one base currency (for example BTC as a Base together with USD and EUR), leave on default unless you know exactly what you're doing
  • Clean Cache: How often Gunbot should clear it's cache, safe to leave on default
  • Instance Name: Define a custom name which will be visible in your browser tab for this Gunbot
  • Chart Buy Marker color: change the buy marker color
  • Chart Sell Marker color: change the sell marker color
  • Only active pairs PNL: set to true if you want Gunbot to keep the Profit and Loss statistics even on pairs you're not actively trading with it anymore
  • Fetch additional candles: Let Gunbot attempt to get more candle data from the exchanges



This parameter is only available to Gunbot Ultimate Licenses

Simulator allows you to run Gunbot on your licensed exchange, on live trading data, with virtual captial, actual Gunbot Strategies. It enables you to live test your Gunbot Strategy on your exchange account without investing any of your actual money.

Simply tick 'Enable simulator' and click on Add starting Balances. You can then add virtual funds which Gunbot can use to simulate trades. These funds are expressed in BASE currency.

For example, you would like to try a Gunbot Strategy on USDT-BTC as a pair, then you would add USDT as virtual funds to the simulator.


Let Gunbot send you buy and sell notifications on Telegram. You can find the setup Guide for Telegram here.


Enable this in case you wish to use additional 2 Factor Authentification to access your Gunbot Interface. The setup guide can be found here.


Here you can opt-in to Gunbot Tournaments.

Make sure to give your bot a unique user name, this will only appear on the tournament leader board.

If you run multiple bot instances and want all of them to participate in a tournament, number your instance nicknames like this: TraderNickname_1, TraderNickname_2, TraderNickname_3. They will automatically get aggregated to a single leaderboard entry at the end of the tournament.

Gunbot Tournaments are announced in our Announcements channel.


Use the built-in import tool to import parts of config.js or autoconfig.json files, for example when you want to use a strategy from a config another user has shared or when you're upgrading your bot.


  • Download config: This downloads a safe to share configuration file which you can attach to Emails sent to our support. The safeconfigexport.txt file has all sensitive data removed.
  • Download autoconfig: This downloads a copy of your autoconfig file which you can attach to Emails sent to our support.

Adding your first strategy and trading pairs

Once you're done with all the settings, you can press Apply at the bottom.

Adding a new pair

Now navigate to localhost:5000/trading-settings and click on Add new Pair.

A list of pairs will then load (on supported exchanges) and you can click on the Gear icon on the left to start configuring this pair.

Configuring a strategy

You can select the strategy (1) and then assign an individual buy (2) and sell method (3). At this point it is recommended to start with the stepGrid strategy as it does not feature a lot of customisation options and is thus easier to configure. Once you've configured your strategy for this pair, simply click on 'Add pair' (4) at the bottom to add this pair with this strategy and settings to Gunbot.

Start to trade

Then finally at the top, press 'Save Changes & Start Trading' and your Gunbot starts to trade!

In case of any questions, you can contact us anytime through our support helpdesk and we will gladly help you through any issue you're facing.