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New in v26

Gunbot v26 brings several noteworthy enhancements, such as support for Bybit's v5 API, more visualization options for custom strategy developers, and the addition of a comprehensive referral program. This release also includes various bug fixes and performance improvements. Only the most important changes are listed on this page.

Steps to upgrade without losing data
  1. Download: Get the full release file from here.

  2. Unzip: Extract the downloaded file to a new folder.

  3. Stop the Old Bot: Make sure to completely stop the old version of your running bot.

  4. Backup: Create a backup of your working bot folder by simply copying the entire folder.

  5. Replace Executable: Take the Gunbot executable file from the newly downloaded release (it will be named gunthy-win.exe, gunthy-macos, or gunthy-linux) and place it into your working Gunbot folder.

  6. Start Gunbot: Start Gunbot as you normally would.

New features

  • Bybit: Add support for v5 API and Unified Trading Account.
  • Custom strategies: Add support for drawing multi-point shapes on the chart. You can draw any support multi-point shape on the chart, for example, colored rectangles to mark support zones.
  • Custom strategies: Default to an empty array if undefined in the core.
  • Gunbot AI: Generate custom strategy code from a description text.
  • MEXC: Add support for MEXC v3 API.
  • MetaMask: Option to use Metamask for logging into Gunbot.
  • Notes: Option to save text notes per pair/exchange. Can be viewed on the chart sidebar or dedicated page.
  • Referral program: Add page with info about referral program, with individualized links for each user.
  • Setup Page: Add an option to hide open order lines on the chart (useful for custom strategy devs who want to implement their logic for such lines).
  • Setup Page: Add an option to skip API key validation.
  • Sghedge: Add separate settings for the short side: FIRST_TRADES_MULTIPLIER_SHORT, FIRST_TRADES_THRESHOLD_SHORT. When omitted, the strategy uses the long settings for both sides.
  • Sgsfutures: Add max loss SL option to close a position when the max absolute loss value is exceeded.
  • Sgsfutures: Possibly fix the problem with remaining dust after an attempted full sell order.
  • Stepgridscalp: Add BTFD mode, add an option for configurable first buy step multiplier during trend scalping.
  • Stepgridscalp: Implement suggestions: configurable support level for BTFD auto targets mode, don't apply MBC on BTFD mode, add the option for partial SL.
  • Trading Settings: Add an option to download settings for an individual pair.
  • Webhook alerts: By this build, there are 2 modes to run webhooks alerts: with or without a configured pair.
  • Instructions:
    • If you want Gunbot to use things like balances of a currency, bid/ask of a pair, ROE for a position, and other specific data related to a specific pair you are using with your TV alerts, you must configure that pair in Gunbot and enable TV_GB (useful, for example, if you want Gunbot tracking your breakeven and set TV_PROTECTION on).
    • If you don't configure a pair and you don't set TV_GB, you have the responsibility of sending price/amount in your alerts and tracking your ROE and breakeven using your Pinescript.
  • New webhooks alert options: No need to know how to code Pinescript anymore. If you don't want to, add a bunch of indicators to your TradingView chart, send an alert to Gunbot for each indicator, and Gunbot will wait for all of them to trigger before placing an order. The trading settings editor lets you easily create the needed settings and alerts.

Bugfixes / Improvements

  • Autoconfig: Fix the problem that crashed a removepairs job when openOrders were undefined at the time the job ran.
  • BTFD Mode: Fix PCT step size. Ease conditions for BTFD trend filter.
  • BTFD Mode: Fix it not respecting stop after next sell.
  • BTFD Mode: Fix reset condition to return to normal grid trading after BTFD triggered, and there are still open orders around.
  • BTFD Mode: Tune trend filter conditions.
  • Chart Datafeed: Fix the problem that prevented loading bars.
  • Chart Datafeed: Get more candles faster on the first chart load.
  • Chart Sidebars: Refactor handling of ROE and ABP values; nothing is calculated in the frontend anymore.
  • Chart: Add option for custom strategy users to remove the Gunbot entry price line; can be configured on the setup page.
  • Chart: Fix conditions to display break-even line.
  • Chart: Fix jumpy DCA buydown line.
  • Chart: Fix missing ROE scalper chart line.
  • Chart: Fix missing trailing lines for Sgsfutures.
  • Chart: Fix symbol for base balance on OKX swaps.
  • Chart: Increase performance of changing pairs. Improve memory usage.
  • Chart: Lower the time it takes for data in the overview sidebar to update after changing the selected pair.
  • Chart: Prevent stacked timescale marks.
  • Chart: Use equity instead of available for base balance on dYdX.
  • Code Editor: Fix repeated filename suffix when saving a strategy file.
  • Core: Fix an issue that wrongly assigns one API slot to mex_gunthy.
  • Core: Fix simulator open orders (and their persistence between restarts).
  • Core: Get better candle data for Kraken futures.
  • Dashboard: Add cumulative PNL % stat to compare pairs table.
  • Dashboard: Fix a case where balances are not updating.
  • Dashboard: Fix an issue that misses total base assets for Bybit spot.
  • Dashboard: Fix sorting problem on active pairs table.
  • Dashboard: Total base assets chart: Remove untraded coin-m base coins from base dropdown.
  • Markets Sidebar: Fix broken position size indicator.
  • Overview Sidebar: Fix double % sign.
  • Overview Sidebar: Increase decimal precision for unrealized PNL for coinm markets.
  • SGS Accumulation Cycle Mode: Change conditions for allowing a final sell; instead of exhaustion on all three timeframes, only require exhaustion on the long term.
  • Setup Page: Add support for importing custom trading settings editor templates.
  • Setup Page: Fix available market types for futures_gunthy.
  • Setup Page: Fix several problems with overwriting exchange data that's already in config when making a change on setup page.
  • Setup Page: Fix the problem that showed a notification that exchange credentials updated when just an unrelated setting had changes.
  • Sghedge: Allow disabling BUYDOWN_EXPONENT by setting 0 as the value.
  • Spotgridadvanced: Fix the problem where CT_TL_MULTIPLIER was applied after every CT buy.
  • Sgsfutures: Fix partial sell volume for coinm markets.
  • Sgsfutures: Fix the issue that caused sell orders to be refused when max open contracts are exceeded.
  • Sgsfutures: Port BFTD mode from stepgridscalp.
  • Stepgridhedge: Add new STATIC_CLOSE_QTY option to close only in 1x TL qty.
  • Stepgridscalp / Sgsfutures: Add forced wait conditions to open a new position after 'dynamic stop' has hit.
  • Stepgridscalp / Sgsfutures: Allow 'support orders' when the current buy count is 0 and opening new trades is allowed.
  • Stepgridscalp / Sgsfutures: Fix TL multiplier for rounds in which multiple orders are fired; multiplier is now applied to each order instead of only on the first order fired in the round.
  • Stepgridscalp / Sgsfutures: Fix TL ratio not being applied on S2 orders.
  • Trading Settings: Add an option to easily configure webhook trading alerts
  • Trading Settings: Add max loss setting for Sgsfutures.
  • Trading Settings: Add missing ROE_TRAILING parameter.
  • Trading Settings: Add support for Bitget pair lists.
  • Trading Settings: Change the minimum value for the range slider input for 'max buy count' to 0.
  • Trading Settings: Fix GUI crash on trading settings page when a nonsensical Gunthy wallet is configured.
  • Trading Settings: Fix missing market orders option for Sgsfutures.
  • Trading Settings: Fix the issue that crashed the page when removing the last pair while the core is enabled.
  • Trading Settings: Fix the issue with custom trading settings editor templates for non-ultimate users.
  • Trading Settings: Fix the problem where strategy hints did not reflect BTFD max buy count.
  • Trading Settings: Fix the problem where strategy selection dropdown items got hidden behind the navbar.
  • Trading Settings: Improve handling of 'customized settings.'
  • Trading Settings: Improve warning text when multiple types of sell trailing are enabled.
  • Trading Settings: Increase the default MOC value for MM spot and activate unit cost by default.
  • Trading Settings: Update supported period values for KrakenFutures.
  • Trading Settings: Use the same period on Sghedge short pair as on the long pair.
  • Trading Terminal: Add description text explaining what the percentage buttons are expected to do.
  • Trading Terminal: Fix percentage buttons for spot sell orders.
  • dYdX: Fix MM errors.
  • dYdX: Fix closing positions at ROE.
  • dYdX: Fix dYdX orders errors.