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New in v25

Gunbot v25 marks the first version of Gunbot that can trade on decentralized exchanges: dYdX is supported, more DeFi platforms will get added in the future. Only the most important changes are listed on this page.

Steps to upgrade without losing data
  • download the full release file
  • Unzip to a new folder
  • Stop the old version of a running bot completely
  • Make a backup of the working bot folder, just by copying the whole folder
  • Place the Gunbot executable file from the newly downloaded release, into the working gunbot folder (the file called gunthy-win.exe, gunthy-macos or gunthy-linux)
  • Start Gunbot like you would normally

New features

  • DeFi trading support: Gunbot Ultimate users can now trade on the decentralized dYdX exchange. Important information: dYdX does not provide a liquidation price in their API, the value Gunbot shows is an approximation.
  • New user made spot strategy: Quanta G-Type is a new kind of strategy in Gunbot: a bundled custom strategy available for Gunbot Ultimate users. This strategy is a geometric market maker hybrid designed to bootstrap and long term trade very large market price movements. Many thanks to @flightcommander for making and maintaining this strategy and giving it to the community!
  • New futures strategy: sgsfutures is like stepgridscalp, but for futures. Works in one direction mode on exchanges like Binance Futures or dYdX. -- New exchange: Bitget is now supported in Gunbot.
  • Custom strategies: add methods for placing post only orders and retrieving pair state data from other running pair. Make exchange parameter in order methods configurable, so that a strategy running on one pair can place orders on many pairs accros multiple exchanges.
  • Optionally fetch more candle data for charts: get up to 4k candles in charts. Can be enabled on setup page.
  • Custom trading settings editor templates: with custom editor templates you can build the perfect editor for your style of configuring Gunbot.
  • Stepgridhybrid: add TL multiplier option.
  • Stepgridhedge: add option for custom trend variant, add panic close option.
  • Compare pair stats: new configurable table on the dashboard to compare stats from different pairs.
  • Bybit: add support for pair lists on trading settings page, instead of needing to manually enter pair names. Add support for AutoConfig jobs that use tickers data.
  • Configurable API rate limit: a new setting (next to exchange credentials on the setup page) lets you configure a custom rate limit value that is enforced between any two API calls. Can be used to speed up processing.

Bugfixes / Improvements

  • Newest TradingView charting library: the charting library got upgraded to the latest version, bringing UX and performance improvements.
  • Refactor mobile chart page: improve chart page navigation for small screens.
  • Simulator starting balances editor: you can now easily configure simulator starting balances on the setup page.
  • Rework settings for stepgridscalp: reconfigure settings layout to better group settings for various aspects of the stepgridscalp strategy. Notable settings changes: add 'NONE' option for exhaustion sensitivity, add option to only apply TL multiplier on grid buy orders.
  • Add master_passphrase option: to differentiate between master and slave key, for exchanges using a passphrase like Coinbase Pro. set it in config.js same place where passphrase is set.
  • Allow adding user defined parameters: in pair settings in the overview sidebar on the chart page.
  • Improve GUI initial load time: make the bundle smaller by removing unused views (like /strategies) and optimizations in the bundling process.
  • Total base assets chart: fix data collection for various futures exchanges.
  • Coin-M Futures improvements: fix various items on chart and dashboard pages, to properly display data for Coin-M futures.
  • Trading terminal: various fixes to improve the trading terminal, especially for Coin-M markets.